05 Feb xG Health Solutions Launches Innovative Learning Solution

Scaling and extending unique Geisinger knowledge to empower healthcare organizations nationwide.

COLUMBIA, Md. – xG Health Solutions™, a leading health care redesign and optimization company that is powered by intellectual property and expertise from Geisinger Health System, has successfully launched its learning solution,
xG Health Learning, to support care management and provider training.

xG Health Learning uniquely combines experienced Geisinger experts with proven content online and thorough immersion and coaching to help other health care organizations accelerate training of their clinical and non-clinical staff and better prepare for population health management.

“Population health management is a critical element in moving organizations from a volume-based model to one that focuses on delivering outcomes,” said Janet Tomcavage, RN, MSN, senior vice president and chief, value-based care strategic initiatives for Geisinger Health System and the chief, population health for xG Health Solutions. “The foundation of that success is training healthcare providers – case managers, social workers, physicians. The challenge associated with this effort, however, is the scalability of solutions that reach across an organization’s full network. xG Health Learning meets this need and will provide content expertise that is broadly accessible for all organizations.”

xG Health bases its care management learning solution on the proven approaches developed and deployed by Geisinger Health System and Geisinger Health Plan over the last decade. This curriculum contains 19 courses (40 hours of content) powered by expert-narrated modules, self-guided activities, individual and small group coaching, reflective and scored exercises, and social learning.

xG Health Learning incorporates the latest best practices designed to increase the effectiveness of adult learning. It is facilitated by real-time nurses and relies on storytelling and scenario-based activities while offering multiple modalities to meet the varying preferences of learners, and splits content into modules easily absorbed. It provides immediate, practical applicability of the curriculum to a nurse, social worker, or allied health professional. For example, a module on the challenging topic of transitions of care (TOC) presents student case managers with information on action items and workflows supporting strong TOC follow-up, the nurse case manager role that affects TOC, and how this process works within a high-quality organization and medical home. We cover the potential places where transitions can break down and how to manage the most effective transitions. In January 2015, xG Health launched its learning solution with one of the United States’ largest health care delivery organizations that operates in more than 20 states. Twenty-four case managers are engaged with its suite of content coupled with one-on-one and small-group coaching to prepare them to provide high-quality care management to complex patients and spread the training in their own organizations.

xG Health also uses this solution for redesigning and extending other learning content that has been delivered typically in-person, specifically a full suite of ProvenCare® products (evidence-based protocols), and physician and other health care leadership training and internal education.

“With our xG Health Learning, we now have the opportunity to scale the proven Geisinger expertise by using technology and subject matter experts to deliver comprehensive training and coaching services to thousands of case management staff and their leaders. This accelerates our mission of helping other healthcare organizations become better managers of population health, while controlling costs”, said Tomcavage.

About xG Health Solutions
xG Health Solutions’ mission is to help health systems and others committed to high quality, value-based care succeed under risk-based payment arrangements. Our volume-to-value roadmap, care design and delivery, population health analytics, and financial optimization services are powered by Geisinger Health System’s methods that have been proven to achieve best-in-class outcomes. xG Health is the primary provider of Geisinger’s Healthcare Performance Improvement Intellectual Property.
xG Health also provides experienced professionals to partner in developing and implementing strategies focused on improving quality and reducing cost of care over the long haul. For more information, visit, or follow the latest xG Health news and more on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Holly Barbella, RN, MBA

Risk Coordinator, Geisinger Health System

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