About Us

xG Health was created to bring Geisinger innovations and know-how to a broader market.

For decades, Geisinger Health System has been a leader in re-engineering care delivery.


Leveraging strategies developed by its care delivery system and its health insurance plan, Geisinger’s approach has been proved in multiple studies to improve patient outcomes and reduce the total cost of care.

Geisinger’s care strategy has six components:


  • Use a team approach, with all members operating at the top of their licenses.
  • Ensure evidence-based best practices are reliably provided across the continuum of care.
  • Use data analytics to guide care redesign and delivery.
  • Provide clinical decision support at the point of care.
  • Eliminate costs that do not deliver benefits to patients.
  • Redeploy resources in ways that increase value to patients.

Using this framework, Geisinger has successfully redesigned care for many chronic and acute diseases, conditions, and procedures, with a series of provider-driven, pay-for-performance programs grouped under the ProvenCare brand. Over time, the ProvenCare portfolio attracted national recognition, and Geisinger began to export this innovative approach to assist other providers.


In 2013, Geisinger launched xG Health Solutions to generalize and scale Geisinger innovations to support providers and payers who wanted to improve their performance.


We have a perpetual license to Geisinger’s current and future care delivery innovations, including care management protocols, data analytics, clinical decision support, and work flow enhancements. Our solutions address care management, care redesign, population health analytics, and bundled payments, regardless of payer. Our products—xGLearn, xGCareProvenCare, and ProvenHealth Navigator—scale and expedite change for our clients.


Many thought the Geisinger experience could not be successfully exported. Yet within one year of implementing key Geisinger approaches at three health systems unaffiliated with Geisinger, we replicated Geisinger results—improved patient outcomes, enhanced efficiency, and reduced costs. 

Best of all: Our solutions are highly reliable, based on processes and tools refined in a clinical setting over many years.

Holly Barbella, RN, MBA

Risk Coordinator, Geisinger Health System

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